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Hypo Studs

Don't Take chances with anything less


Gold Plated, Hypo Allergenic Stud Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Sensitive ear lobes?

Can’t wear jewellery ?

Newly pieced ears ?

Then you need Backs Hypo Studs – made from the finest quality metal

and Gold Plated for extra comfort, they are the answer to jewellery wearing problems.


Hypo studs are suitable for all age groups and ear piercings.

The studs are finished with Swarovski crystal stones and are available in a wide range of



Sealed packs (as per the image) ensure complete hygiene for your pe

Hypo studs are British made, so quality is EU standard approved.for your peacee of mind.


Head - 4mm
Length - 20mm

Product price £2.99

NB - the colour info' is for reference only these aren't precious stones


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