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Earclear Solution 15ml e

Stage 1

Backs  Earcare Solution Stage 1

- Perfect For Sore Ear Lobes anti-allergenic solution has a unique formula which cleanses and coats against metal allergy in one easy application.

Earclear is now available in 3 different strengths  to suit your particular needs

Original Backs Earclear - still the same reliable earcare solution you have always used.

1st Stage Earclear
This is a gentler solution, so is ideal for very sensitive or younger ear lobes. Particularly good for freshly pierced ears, where no irritation or infection exists

2nd Stage Earclear
This a medium strength solution, more suited  to body piercing and sterilising earrings and body jewellery.(for external use only)

Pack size 15ml

Pack price 2.99

See other listings for stage 1&2



Pack price - £2.99


Slip on Pads For Clip Earrings


Suitable for most clip earrings they are safe comfortable and inexpensive.For best results cleanse the earring clip with Backs Ear Clear Solution.




Cleanse Sre Earlobes