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No 1 for Replacement earring Backs & Earcare


For over two decades Backs has been the foremost name in the UK for earcare products. Whether you are looking for replacement #earring backs: gold plated earring backs, #plastic earring backs, supabacks, clip comfort pads, # hypo-allergenic earrings or #earcare solution - then we are sure to have just what you are looking for.


All our earcare products are hygiene-sealed for your peace of mind

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We stock a full range of replacement #earring backs

From silver plated & #gold plated earring scrolls to Supabacks and plastic - we stock them

Cleanse your ear lobes and jewellery in one easy application

Stop ear pinch with these luxurious clip comfort pads.

Let's be honest, loooking after your jewellery and ear lobes is the last thing many of us think about.

How many of us even sleep in stud earrings ? Well, the answer is probably too many. Good hygiene for your ears should br a matter of course. After all, you wouldn't wear the same socks, tights or knickers for weeks on end, so why would you not clean your jeweller and piecings ?


Whatever the needs for great Earcare, we have an answer, and it doesn't cost a fortune.We all spend fortunes on moisturisers and cleansers, yet don't think to change our earring backs or clean the earring post, never mind the earlobes.


It's never too late to start a healthy cleansing regime - so start today. Just a bottle of earcare solution and fresh earring backs is a major sttep in the right direction. For more detailed advice and general guidance visit our earcare guide - it's FREE to download - start today !